2017 – « The Confidential »

2017: « The Confidential »

08.29.2017 – 09.27.2017

The 2017 vintage is an exceptionally early and confidential vintage.

Following a dry and mild winter, the buds burst very early. In the spring, the Grenaches are marked by a significant phenomenon of coulure, a poor fertilization of the flower, resulting to an underdevelopment of certain berries, which remain small in size. Then comes a dry summer, with a significant water deficit causing a considerable drop in yield and bringing us to one of our smallest harvests with 2013 (17hl/ha).

Rare are the vintages where we start harvesting in August and finish before the end of September. Despite the small quantities of grapes, the sanitary condition is irreproachable. This vintage immediately reminds us of 2015 with cooler balances. September remained dry and allowed us to wait for the perfect time to pick up each plot. Harvests are exceptionally low, but of high quality.

The whites and rosés have a remarkable floral intensity. They are digest, fruity and fresh. The reds are balanced, fine, with a beautiful aroma.

The 2017 vintage is a confidential vintage due to its very low yields. We find the expression of a complicated vintage, with complex, deep and elegant wines, which have the arguments to age beautifully.