Harvest and Vinification

We vinify and age our wines in our underground cellar, in order to regulate temperature and humidity and thus minimize our ecological impact.
The grapes are handpicked and sorted at the vineyard. The whites and rosés are harvested only early in the morning in order to maintain freshness.

For the reds, we wait for the best maturity, in order to concentrate the aromas and obtain fine and silky tannins. We work on the delicacy of texture by long macerations (around 25 days) and gentle extractions, allowing us to obtain fruity, juicy, but also complex and elegant red wines.

Sulfite is used in crucial steps and in minimal doses. This allows our cuvées to travel for many years in your cellars. Hygiene and listening to wine is at the heart of our strategy.

Ageing and Bottling

Our underground cellar allows us long aging (from 12 to 18 months) in order to offer you wines that are ready to drink as soon as they are bottled. We use a multitude of containers and materials to adapt perfectly to the grape varieties, vintages and allow the expression of our terroirs: Burgundian barrel (228L), demi-muids (600L), amphora, concrete tanks and stainless steel tanks.

We bottle the wine ourselves at the estate, concluding a whole process which does not involve anyone else but us.