2023 – « The Unexpected »

2023 : « The Unexpected »

08.29.2023 – 10.05.2023

The 2023 vintage, although marked by a crushing heatwave in the second half of August, surprised us with its balance and intensity.

The trend has been established over the last few years: the winter was remarkably dry and mild, which means that the water reserves are only 60% full. These reserves, which are crucial for the vines’ annual needs, are therefore below the required level. Budburst was slightly earlier than in 2022.

The spring, marked by a strong Mistral wind blowing with formidable intensity, amplified fears by further drying out the already arid land, raising concerns about the health of the vines. May brought us some life-saving rains, allowing us to look forward to the summer season with a little more serenity. In the end, the summer was fairly moderate, with cool nights and some rain, ideal for good ripening of the grapes, although it was marked by a two-week heatwave in the second half of August. Even so, the vines were able to resist the heat with elegance and bring the grapes to perfect ripeness, but because of the heat, the yields were critically impacted.

We started on 29 August, a week later than in 2022, for our whites and rosés with their surprising balance and moderate levels of alcohol.
We had to wait around ten days for the tannins to reach optimum ripeness for the reds, which offer a complex, nuanced palette of sensations, with excellent ageing potential.

So the 2023 vintage, despite a difficult start to the season, has surprised us in many ways. The whites and rosés have retained the freshness and minerality characteristic of our terroirs, while the reds are bright, deep and complex. Another vintage to have in your cellar…