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These Southern Rhône Crus Are Delivering Premium Quality Wine Without Breaking Your Budget

Kathleen Willcox – – May 2024

In Rasteau, Madeline Ferran, co-owner at Domaine des Escaravailles, says they began using amphora 8 years ago. Amphora are large ceramic vessels that were widely used to ferment, store and age wine in the Ancient world; while they went out of fashion for millennia, in certain pockets of the world, they remained in use. They are being “rediscovered” today by winemakers who are eager to get away from wood, which can impart distinct flavors like vanilla or mocha to wine. 

“We like how the amphora adds finesse and elegance to our wines, without adding any extra flavors,” Ferran explains. 

“We like to keep our prices down, and we hope we can continue to,” says Ferran. “Wine should be accessible, something to be shared. It shouldn’t be elitist.”

A refreshing, if increasingly rare sentiment. 

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