Trends Tendances – June 2019


Trends Tendances – n°26 – 27th june 2019

“Adjacent to Cairanne, the AOC Rasteau has a different profile but is closely linked to its neighbour, as many winegrowers produce both appellations. Like the Domaine des Escaravailles, an old acquaintance of the Belgian market imported by Robert Van Den Hove (R&R Rhône). In what used to be a land of sheep, Gilles Ferran, now joined by his daughter Madeline, produces Rasteau wines that deserve a little wait. Like his Héritage 1924, a 100% Grenache that is still very tight in 2016, but with great finesse and delicacy in its 2011 version. Madame Ferran has a weakness for bubbles, so her husband made a Scarabulles for her. A 100% Cinsault sparkling wine with little alcohol. The kind of wine that is all the rage on the terraces when the weather is hot. Gilles Ferran has also fallen in love with amphora vinification. His Argilla ad Argillam is, without a doubt, his most astonishing wine: a real buddy gobble, easy to drink and full of freshness.”

Xavier Beghin