2018 – « The Charming » 

2018: « The Charming »

09.11.2018 – 10.09.2018

The 2018 vintage is a surprising, with flattering and consensual wines.

This vintage, the winegrowers of the region will remember it! In fact, after a mild and rainy winter, we witnessed a significant release of grapes in the spring, presaging a generous harvest. This was without counting on hot and humid months of April and May (with nearly 250mm of rain). The ideal conditions for the development of mildew. This period required a lot of energy to keep the vines and the future grapes in impeccable sanitary condition. The good geographical location of our vines, on hillsides exposed to the Mistral, enabled us to get through this devastating disease. The summer then turned out to be hot and dry, resulting on and excellent quality of harvest.

We started on September 11th with the whites of the “Scarabée Blanc” cuvée. We finished almost a month later, on October 9th, with Grenache blanc and Clairette for the Vin Doux Naturel Blanc. The grapes being healthy, we took time to adjust our decisions and wait for the optimal maturity of each plot.

The whites and rosés have a beautiful aromatic complexity, with a suave, long and fresh mouth. The reds are pleasant, juicy and elegant. The tannins are melted and the structures are round. Grenache juices are a delight and express on raspberry, wild strawberry and sweet spices.

The 2018 vintage is seductive with tasty wines in their youth and suitable for aging.