2019 – « The Magnificent »

2019: « The Magnificent »

09.11.2019 – 10.07.2019

The 2019 vintage is made for great laying down!

Thanks to a year of 2018 with high rainfall, the vines resisted the historic drought of spring and summer 2019, with a week of heatwave at the end of June and a second at the end of July (temperatures oscillating around 40°C).

The good temperature range, particularly on our hillsides, allowed our vines to reach ideal maturity and resist the high heat of the day. We adapted our cultural practices by leaving more leaves on the vines in order to protect the grapes from the sun. Nevertheless, the water deficit had a strong impact on the weight of the berries, which remained small and concentrated.

The harvest began on September 11 and ended on October 7. The perfect sanitary condition allowed us to wait for the ideal moment to pick up each plot. Yields are very low, but qualitative juices.

The reds present the keys to an exceptional vintage: colour, fruit, tannins and lovely acidity. Everything is there. This quality of juice coupled with controlled aging offers us one of the greatest vintages known to Escaravailles: fine, deep, complex and fresh red wines.
The whites and rosés are in this same line, between fat and acidity and are both broad and incisive.
Like all vintages that strain the vines, 2019 is a great year and the wines will evolve for many years in your cellar.