2022 – « The Enchanter »

2022 : « The Enchanter »

08.23.2022 – 09.29.2022

The 2022 vintage was marked by a historic heat wave and drought, giving wines with a surprising freshness and complexity.

The winter was very dry and mild, not allowing the soils and groundwater tables to build up their essential water reserves for the year. Following the frost episode of spring 2021, we delayed the pruning of our vines as much as possible in order to avoid this risk again. The budburst was therefore normal.

Spring and summer were historically dry, with only 70mm of rain from March to July (10% of the average annual rainfall for a Mediterranean climate). We were worried about our vines which we do not irrigate. Some of them will not survive of the drought. 
We feared that the grapes would not ripen properly and that they would be completely dry, but the miraculous rainfall of August 15th saved our harvest. Indeed, the 35mm of rain allowed the grapes to reach nice levels of ripeness and concentration.

Rare are the vintages where we start harvesting in August and finish before the end of September. We started on August 23rd, for our whites and rosés with their amazing balance and freshness. 

After a one-week break, we resumed the harvest with the Syrahs, which were ripe and had great depth and finesse. Despite some rain during the month of September, we took the time to thin out the leaves on our Grenache and Mourvèdre vines to reach optimal ripeness. Berry weights and juice yields were ridiculously low, but our red wines are marked by complexity, deliciousness and beautiful balance. 

The 2022 vintage, although extremely dry, has surprised us in many ways. The white wines combine aromatic freshness and tension, while the reds are deep, balanced and brilliant. There is no doubt that this vintage will travel through time!