Les Affiches – September 2018


Les Affiches – 28th Semptember 2018

« C’est l’Histoire de 3 mecs » Côtes du Rhône red 2016

“It’s a beautiful story! At the beginning, there was a meeting between a chef, Xavier Vanheule from the Auberge du Château in Bressieux; a wine merchant, Raphaël Roux-Sibilon from Saint-Etienne-de-Saint-Geoirs and a winemaker, Gilles Ferran from the Domaine des Escaravailles. Our three wine enthusiasts decided to create a cuvée that they named Histoire de 3 mecs. As a sort of link between these three professions. And the result lives up to their ambitions; their red is superb, full of fruit, a wine from the southern Rhône gorged with sun, but perfectly balanced. To be discovered for the pleasure.”

This wine is only available at the Domaine des Escaravailles, the Caveau Stéphanois and the Auberge du Château in Bressieux.