2015 – « The Generous »

2015: « The Generous »

The 2015 vintage is a generous vintage with a beautiful structure.

After a rainy winter, the spring was mild. The summer heat wave recorded record temperatures. The water reserves stored in our clays enabled the vines not to suffer from water stress. The climatic conditions were optimal for producing rich, deep, full-bodied wines made for laying down.

Mourvèdre, a late variety with which we struggle to reach maturity on our high-altitude vines, experienced exceptional maturity. It is in this type of vintage that the diversity of grape varieties is essential: complementarity during blending helps to maintain balance in the wines.

The whites and rosés are rich, aromatic while keeping a nice balance. The reds are extremely concentrated, deep, with a nice texture on the palate and endowed with remarkable aging potential.

The 2015 vintage is a great vintage for aging reds. They have the density necessary to reveal themselves for many years. The whites should be drunk within 3 years in order to appreciate their freshness.