Vino – 2011


Vino Magazine

“When Gilles Ferran studied oenology (1984-1986), he had the chance to meet the rugby player Philippe Cambie. Gilles gradually took over the business from his father, which until 1999 sold its production in bulk to trading houses. At the same time, Philippe became a consultant and one of the great names in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. But their friendship remained, and Philippe advised Gilles when he started releasing his own wines under the name “Escaravailles” (scarab in Occitan). The estate sits on top of a hill, with land bordering three communes: Rasteau, Cairanne and Roaix. Gilles made a name for himself with La Ponce, a deep wine with a touch of freshness that seduced Parker.
Today, the United States is its main buyer. His penchant for pure Grenache wine is striking. The other winemakers say that “Gilles is the one who has progressed the most in the whole region.” He went from the rank of challenger to that of standard-bearer of the notoriety of the region.〞

« La Ponce » Côtes du Rhône white 2010
Stainless steel tank. Expressive aromas of grapefruit and lemon zest.
Lots of fullness, but also freshness and acidity. A hit in the bullseye.

« Les Antimagnes » Côtes du Rhône red 2009
Expressive and balanced. Silky texture. It’s not really an entry-level wine.

« La Boutine » CDR Villages Cairanne red 2009
Round and sexy. Chocolate, cinnamon, hot spices. Character and depth. Fabulous.

« Héritage 1924 » CDR Villages Rasteau red 2009
From very old vines. Fairly light colour. Notes of nuts and almonds. Powerful attack, but silky texture. Stunning.